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  1. Opening ports

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User Customization » Configuration

Port Forwarding

Opening ports (Page 1 of 1) by Ghull · 58,903 views · comments(1)

First of all make sure your computer is connected to the router and you dont have any firewall applications running like ZoneAlarm. Some antivirus applications can also have firewalls so better turn'em off while doing this if ur not sure.

To connect to your router's webpage open your web brosware like Internet explorer or Firefox. In the address bar enter the ip of your router. By default the ip address should be set to or the most common.

You can also find the router's webpage on win vista going to startmenu - network and if your connected to the router, beside your pc there should be (router's name - gateway device). Right click on that - hit properties then Network Device tab. You should see there Device Webpage: http:// (IP)

While connecting to the webpage you will have to login. If you have a custom password/user use it, if not you can use the default user/password which most commonly are admin/user/blank for bouth user and password. If those dosent work check the manual or search on the internet. If you forgot your custom password reset the router (by this you will lose all previous configuration so take care!).

Once your in, look in the menu for port forwarding, if you cant see it look for NAT. If you got more options at forwarding use Virtual Servers.
You will have to complete a simple form.

Some common settings

Take a look bellow to some forms you can find on Iptime and MSI routers.

IpTime Router
IpTime Router
MSI Router
MSI Router

This is a standard way of opening ports on any router, but if you need more help check this list for custom tutorials for many router models. When your done use this tool to check if your port is open or not. For any question use the forum!

Page Index
  1. Opening ports
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