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  1. Making use of RESGen

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User Customization » File Modification

Creating res files with RESGen

Making use of RESGen (Page 1 of 1) by Ghull · 60,070 views · comments(1)
RESGen is a tool to create res (resource) files for Half-Life. This is very useful for those who make customized textures and other customized files required by a custom map by allowing those files to be downloadable. So instead of getting the error "Cant open xxx.wad!" you will be able to download all the files needed for your map to function.

OK there are a few methods to use resgen; Iíll show you my style.

Getting Started

Download the program : Link

Put it in your maps folder as such:
Directory Structure
Directory Structure

This program doesnít have a graphic interface so youíll have to open it from START\RUN by adding the address thatíll take you to it eg:
"D:\counter-strike 1.6\cstrike\maps"
(pic 1 upper highlighted area).

So after you add the address, add the resgen program to it and the map name you want to process.

"D:\counter-strike 1.6\cstrike\maps\resgen.exe" -f "mapname.bsp"

Path and Parameters
Path and Parameters

The -F parameter will process only the map you add but if you wanna make a res file for all the maps in the folder (very useful for servers" add -d without any map name).

You can find more parameters in the program

Final Conclusion

When you're done making the .res file, open it with notepad and select which files are custom to add them with the .bsp if u want to upload it somewhere. The .res file will be generated in the maps folder!
Resource entries
Resource entries

For more command line parameters read the
manual inside the zip.
Thx to S.O.T.E for help

Page Index
  1. Making use of RESGen
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