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Hammer Editing Errors

Mapping » Miscellaneous

Understanding and Solving Mapping Errors

Lighting Calculation Errors (Page 3 of 5) by satchmo · 76,686 views · comments(1)
zero area child patch
A solid in your level has a face with no area. My guess is that VRAD is trying to create a lightmap for a face that doesn't exist. Maybe you have an invalid brush? First check hammers problemchecker (alt+p in hammer). If that doesn't help, find the brushes using the cordon tool or visgroups. Or, do what suggested, find the offending face with a text-editor...
WARNING: Too many light styles on a face (x,y,z-coordinates)
There's a face with too many different light styles of light shining on it. (more than six). For every switchable light (that is: any light that is named or has a custom appearance) shining on a face, VRAD makes a new lightstyle. Basically, it calculates how the face looks like when:
light 1 is on and light 2 is off
light 1 is on and light 2 is on
light 1 is off and light 2 is off
light 1 is off and light 2 is on
I'm sure you understand how 6 switchable lights make 2 ^ 6 lightstyles, and how this enormous amount of memory has to be saved somehow. and limited
To stop this error, remove lights, dont give the light names unless you need to, make sure certain lights dont shine on the face (max_shining distance or by blocking it with brushes) or simply dont use that much switchable lights. Dynamic lights are not used by vrad thus dont count. Lights with the same names are counted as the same lights. Find the location using the coordinates given

## degenerate face(s)
You have ## face(s) with no surface. This happens when two of the three points making up a triangle are at the same place or all three are in the same line. (and thus don't make a legal, but a degenerate triangle)
I believe this is a displacement only error, so try to find your errors there, if you find any problems in your map because of it. Dont do it otherwise, because it could take very long to find the offending face.
Could not find lights.rad in lights.rad
vrad couldn't find lights.rad, a file used to determine which textures can emit light by themselves. For more information, see here
Warning: Couldn't open texlight file lights.rad.
lights.rad is a file that specifies the textures that can emit light (and which light). Basically, it is a text-file, with a list of textures and lighting:
lights/incandescentcool001a 235 235 235 300
some/other_texture red green blue brightness
If VRAD can't find it, (it should be in your mod directory) you probably still have it, but not at the location VRAD is looking. Use a windows search in your steam-directory and pick the lights.rad file from your mod, and put it in the directory VRAD is looking.
You will see VRAD found your file if it says something like "[x texlights parsed from lights.rad]".

Warning: ignoring bad texlight 'some_texture' in lights.rad
One of the entries in lights.rad is invalid. Make sure when you edit this file you use plain text-editors, e.g. notepad, wordpad. DON'T SAVE MAKE-UP to this file as MS-Word (from office) will!
Warrning: Duplication of texlight 'some_texture' in file 'lights.rad'!
This texture was listed twice in lights.rad. the fix is obvious, but not necessairy
Texture axis perpendicular to face at (x,y,z-coordinates)
Luxel axis perpendicular to face at (x,y,z-coordinates)
This is VRAD's way of saying a texture (face and its corresponding luxel(lightmap)) is aligned to its face at 90 degrees. This is because the "align"-settings for that face are setup wrong.
Find the face using the coordinates. You will notice a very overstretched appearance of the texture belonging to the offending side. If you can't find it, you must select the entire brush, if you can find the exact face, just select that face in the texture application tool. When you are in the texture application tool, notice the "align to face" and "align to world" tickboxes. Try the one that isn't currently checked, or both. If they don't work, your brush is broken and needs to be repaired. Either using the vertex-tool, or deleting the brush and recreating it.
Find Visible Detail Sides...Bad detail brush side
This error has something to do with overlapping func_details, but thats about as precise i can get. Try to find any func_details that overlap each other or world-brushes and reduce the overlap.
AllocatedLightmap: lightmap too big to fit in page
I don't know the exact cause, but ive heard rumours that it can be caused by:
-lightmaps not set to a legal size (power of 2) To check, use this tool (at your own risk). It should fix them
-big displacements in combination with too small lightmapscale. (seems commonest)
-invalid brushes
-invalid displacements
You may want to start by hiding all your displacements and see if the error persists. If it does, check every lightmapscale in your level first, (using the tool above), or just selecting your entire level and enter a legal size for all brushes) and if that won't help, use visgroups or cordon tools to break your level apart to find the error
Your lights.rad has too many entries (there is a maximum of 128 entries) the rest will be skipped

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