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  Understanding and Solving Mapping Errors - Hammer Editing Errors Online: 161 · 364 364 requests per minute
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Mapping » Miscellaneous

Understanding and Solving Mapping Errors

Hammer Editing Errors (Page 4 of 5) by satchmo · 76,976 views · comments(1)
## solids were not loaded due to errors in the file
one (or more) brushes in your map were invalid and removed. Hammer doesnt like loading invalid brushes, so it just deletes them. Nice as that is (you can't do anything about it when you actually see the error) its up to you to find the brush(es) it deleted.
texture axis perpendicular to face
one of your textures has not been set properly on a face. Either use the problemchecker to fix the error, or do it yourself by selecting the face or brush and then in the texture-application tool selecting 'align to face' or 'align to world'. if that doesn't work, your brush might be too broken to repair and you'll have to repair it manually
out of memory loading solids, error 7
Either you have a BIG excessive ENOURMOUSLY HUGE map, or your map was broken.
your only two hopes are a backup (called mapname.vmx should be in the same directory as your mapfile, just rename it to vmf to open it) and a long day trying to try to repair your map with notepad. You may want to check if there are any {'s not closed with a }, or check for strange strings. Most often, adding one or more closing brackets ( } ) to the file fixes this error, but be prepared to have lost some, if not a lot of data on your map.
I recommend this article if you plan on fixing your map with notepad.
If you really can't figure it out, and you have spend a lot of time on your map already, you may also send me the map and I will take a look and see if i can fix it. So far I have been able to repair all maps people have sent me, so bring em on!
Just for future reference, you cannot use curly brackets { and } or double quotes " in an entity string (e.g. target names, modelnames, locations, sounds etc), as these characters are used to form the mapfile structure. If you do, you can only fix the map with a text editor, hammer wont open them at all!

invalid solid
one of your brushes is invalid. Just remember these three rules and you should be fine:
-no concave brushes (no hollow brushes, you should never be able to draw a straight line through the same brush twice)
-no twisted faces (each face should be completely flat)
-no faces on the same plane
A visual explanation
There is no player start.
Hammer always checks if there's an info_player_start in your map (its the place the player will be spawned on start)
If your mod needs one add one, but usually multiplayer-mods don't (they use info_player_deathmatch or other info_player_), and this error is just to confuse you. Just make sure you have atleast one of a info_player_** entity in your map before you compile it.

WARNING: light_spot at x y z-coordinates has inner/outer angle larger than 90 degrees!
spotlights usually throw their light in a cone. you just can't make a cone thats larger than or equal to 2*90 degrees (this is a purely mathematical restriction). To fix, simply go to the specified entity and lower its angle. for larger angles you shou'ld use the normal light-entity, or multiple light_spots
entity (some_entity) has bad I/O connections
This error means the specified entity has wrong outputs or inputs. Either it is targetting a non-existing entity, trying to tell another entity to do something it doesn't do or just using the wrong output. Simply go to the outputs tab of the entity and repair any values in RED.
This application has failed to start because Tier0.dll was not found
This error occurs when you try to load any program or tool in the sourcesdk before loading the sourcesdk first (after an update).
To fix, simply start the sourcesdk menu through steam once after each update.
models are black in model-browser
you need to set the color depth in windows to 32 bits, for the models to appear correctly in the browser.
rightclick anywhere on your desktop, select "properties", go to the "settings" tab and set the color quality to 32 bits. Outdated drivers may also be the cause.
3d window only shows lines
You need to set the camera mode to 3d-textured. Simply press on the word "camera" in the 3d window and select 3d textured.
3d window is completely black
Once you made sure you aren't just looking at black textures or into the void, you may need to restart hammer. Opengl is a real bitch if you switch between programs that aren't programmed exactly like they should.

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