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Mapping » Lighting

Advanced Lighting Techniques

Fine-tuning Outdoor Lights (Page 3 of 3) by satchmo · 47,973 views · comments

Setting light_environment Angle to Correspond to Sky Texture

An outdoor area in your map has a dramatic effect on aesthetics and ambiance, but it takes a few compiles to get it right. First, we need to save and compile the map to figure out which direction is East relative to our architecture.


You'll notice that even though we do have a spectacular sky, something doesn't look quite right. That's because there is no sunlight coming from the sky texture. We don't have a light_environment entity in our map yet. Ignore that inconsistency for now and walk around in the map a bit. You'll notice that the sky toward *** is brighter, which means that's where the sun is setting. Remember the direction, because when we return to Hammer, we need to make our light_environment setting correspond to that.

Once we have our firstmap opened up again in Hammer,

Adjusting Ambient Light

Page Index
  1. Introducing the Lightmap
  2. Special Indoor Lighting Effects
  3. Fine-tuning Outdoor Lights
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