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News Happy New Year - 2014 !!! read/post comments comments(821)
Everyone here at CStrike-Planet would like to thank you for a fantastic 2013, and we all wish you read more ..
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Tools, Tweaks and Configuration

SCRDS Config generator
Need to configure settings for your dedicated source server? This tool will help you properly configure your server.
Bot Config generator
Looking to setup some bots for LAN or online play? This generator allows you to customize bot behavior, and configuration.
Counter-Strike Source Buy Generator
Create quick and easy buy binds for Counter-Strike Source
Counter-Strike Buy Generator
Create quick and easy buy binds for Counter-Strike 1.6
Cmdline Config generator
This tool provides the options to properly start your dedicated server. Supports both Windows and Linux servers.
Cvar List and Options
View a list of the most commonly use cvars and commands for your server.
Tutorials and Guides
Find plenty of common tutorials and setup guides

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