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Sir Ben
Little Help Please

Alright.Used to play cs a while back. So i bought hl a couple of days ago. Never used steam before now. I bought the hl version that came with half-life,half-life:deathmatch,and teamfortress. I enjoy those games. But not as much I rember cs. I want to play cs. But I don't even know if its free anymore. Some say it is. some say it ain't I don't know.I tried to download it off a site yesterday, finally got it and it was just the steam applicant.?!...Anyway, when I look for it on my steam applicant it says (there is 3 of them:counter strike, counter-strike:Source, and counter-strike:condition zero) that they all cost like 10 bucks or something like that 10,14.don;t rember.....but anyway..if anyone could tell me what I have to do to cs for FREE.Please let me know. Thanks
« comments · » · 2005-12-03 08:20:22 · reply to this · print

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