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Nexty's CS 1.6 Script

Posted by Sebastian · 09/14/03 @5:48 pm · downloads · 1 comment
Nextwish has released an updated script that is compatible with both CS 1.6 and steam. There are very few scripts out there that work with Steam, so this is a must have if you are still doing your buying manually.

Here are some of the features:
  • ECHO's and SCR_CON MSG's at the present time only echo to the console.
  • GFX/KB_ACT.LST Only allows ONE "blank" "COMMENT" - You can nolonger do multiple "blanks" in a row.
  • All items in the buy and radio menu finally can accessed directly without having to use menuselect!
  • I've been unable to find a way to purchase a single clip of ammo, it looks like they have taken it out!
  • Purchasing via one of my one or the other alias ( M4A1 or AK47 ) will purchase the correct weapon but will say that you cannot purchase the alternative weapon. I'm still trying to find a way to turn this off to prevent people from becoming confused.
  • Compatible with STEAM and Counter-Strike 1.6!
  • Easy to setup! - Everything bindable using the ingame half-life controls menu! ( This script was the first to offer this!)
  • Buying of weapons/items simplified down to just pressing one button per weapon/items.
  • Features aliases for choosing to get the tmp or mac10, the sg552 or aug, and the m4a1 or ak47 all depending which team you're on!
  • Each time you buy a weapon, by default, your pistol is stored in lastinv! Only a key away!
    Using radio simplied down to just pressing one button per radio command
  • A Quick Knife Slash, which pulls out your knife and starts slashing whilst you hold down the button assigned to it but when you let go it will stop slashing then go back to your previous weapon. (Great for those upclose fights!)
  • A Grenade Toggler and Thrower which pulls out the grenade you have toggled and warns your team which type of grenade you are throwing then pulls it's pin and throws it.
  • A Unzoom Crosshair color cycler. Which when pressed will change the color of the unzoomed moving crosshair.
  • A right and left handed weapon models toggler, press it change which handed models you want to use.
  • A C4 Planter alias which when the key assigned to it is pressed and held it will make you make you duck and notify your teammates that you are planting the C4 and start arming the it. If you let go it go back to your previous weapon.
  • A Night Vision Alias which can adjust how bright or dark the night vision goggles are.
  • A Radar toggler which when the key assigned to it is pressed it will either turn the radar on or off.
  • A Walking/Running toggler when the key assigned to it is pressed it will either make you run or walk.
  • A Crouching Toggler which when the key assigned to it is pressed it will either make you crouch or not crouch.
  • Tested for days to see if it's solid, and it is!
  • Fully modular, other scripts can be used with it, simply by creating a file called autoexec.cfg and placing the other scripts in that file.
  • Easy for advanced and beginers to modify the script in any way they like. (The Script is Fully Commented)
  • Select Best Weapon, which when pressed will whip out your 'best weapon' and put your 'second best' weapon in your 'lastinv'. This feature can also be used to CANCEL reloading your current weapon - No more getting killed whilst you reload your half empty MP5!

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