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ogsWatcher 1.0.4b Available

Posted by Sebastian · 07/25/06 @2:30 pm · addons · 6 comments
New updates for ogsWatcher have been released. What's ogsWatcher? It's a application to keep your servers running shall they mysteriously suffer from a crash, plus additional functionality can be found with this tool. In essence, if you're one of the many server admins out there running a windows based server, this could possibly make your life easier.. additional infomation contained below.
ogsWatcher is a free Windows service applicaiton which provides the means to declaratively configure multiple Source game instances (DOD:S, CSS, etc) and to automatically run those games servers as either background or foreground tasks.
  • Key features include
  • easy configuration via an XML config file
  • many configurable settings including CVars, process priority, srcds command line parameters and more
  • runs as a true Windows service with automatic start and recovery capabilities
  • srcds tasks can be run in foreground or background
  • monitors game server instances and automatically restarts failed servers
  • email notification
  • graceful shutdown closes log files correctly
  • detailed documentation
ogsWatcher can be downloaded for free here.

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