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cstrike pc

CS 1.6 update

Posted by Sebastian · 01/18/03 @11:36 pm · cstrike pc · add comment
As most of you know, Steam 2.0/CS 1.6 Beta was released on Thursday, although not quite. Valve severely underestimated the amount of demand for a new version of Counter-Strike 1.6. To make matters worse, valve had given a sneak preview of Steam 2.0/CS 1.6 Beta to cs fan sites throughout the internet on Tuesday, unfortunately the steam client was leaked an hour or so before valve had officially released it. The Steam client spread like wild fires during that one hour period. by the time valve had officially released Steam all of valve's bandwidth (500mbits) was being consumed. Valve quickly suspended further download of the Steam client until they could dig up some more content servers. On the bright side it appears Art of War Central will be providing content servers for Steam, as well as fileshack.

There is no official word when Valve will have the Steam client available to the public. More than likely it will resume this week on Tuesday, just speculation at this point. Valve also notes that those who have already joined the beta are encouraged to continue their participation and submit their feedback. More information can be found at the official Steam site. We'll post an update once valve resumes the project.

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