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Counter-Strike Scripting
Most of these scripts can be simply copied & pasted into your config.cfg file (located in the cstrike) or you can simply create a custom.cfg file and have your config.cfg execute it to initialize them during CS startup... see the f.a.q for more information. if you have a script you came up with, or isn't listed here please be sure to submit it to share it with others!

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Grenade Buy & Throw cstrike czero Nightvision buy & Enable cstrike czero
Action Scripts
Clean Screenshot cstrike czero Clean Screenshot source
Crosshair Color Changer cstrike czero Defuse Bomb and Cover cstrike czero
Enemy Down Spray cstrike czero Flashbang and Warn cstrike czero
Quick Plant Bomb & Cover cstrike czero Reload Stopper cstrike czero
Status Report cstrike czero  
Weapon Scripts
Quick Knife source cstrike czero Quick Knife & Slab cstrike czero
Quick Knife & Slash cstrike czero  
View Scripts
FPS Viewer source cstrike czero NetGraph Viewer cstrike czero
Counter-Strike cs Counter-Strike source css Counter-Strike czero cz

Didn't find what you're looking for or perhaps you want a All-in-One script package? Try one of these great script apps listed below.
Auto Script (CS 1.6)
Auto Script (Counter-Strike: Source)
NextWish Script (Source, CS 1.6, Czero)

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