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September 9th, 2005
Xfire 1.45 Released
A new version of Xfire is out. Too many features to list, but in short, this nifty little program allows you to chat and send instant messages to your buddies while in-game. We've put Xfire up for download here, also is available for download at Xfire. Some of the changes.. Read More · Comments
steam updatesSteam Client Update Released
New updates for Steam have been released., Restart Steam for this huge update. Steam Client Reverted German content changes Improved download speeds when downloading large updates Ok, so it's not that huge.. the huge one will be coming out soon.. Read More · Comments
steam updatesWeekly Steam Updates
This long holiday weekend comes with some good news for Day of Defeat fans; expect to see the game some time next month! Before its release, there will be a pre-loading phase were key files can be pre-loaded for those that wish to purchase the game before it's released. The.. Read More · Comments
ServerChecker v3 Released
New version of ServerChecker has been released. ServerChecker is a tool that will restart your server in case of crashes, also has many other options such as scheduling so you're able to start/stop the server at certain intervals. Unlike linux, Servers running on windows do.. Read More · Comments
August 29th, 2005
steam updatesSteam Client Update
New updates for Steam have been released. Part of the update adds HiDef models for Half-Life: 1 for those that like candy, however, the HiDef models are optional. Changes are listed below. Steam Client Added Half-Life: Blue Shift game and desktop icon Fixed HTML control.. Read More · Comments
Gamespot Live Tournament Coverage
As we reported earlier, GameSpot will begin live coverage of their CS: Source Tournament; Operation First Strike shortly. Gamespot's live TV coverage of the semifinals is set to begin tonight (August 28th) around 9:30pm Pacific time (12:30am Eastern) and the second.. Read More · Comments
VIP Mod for CS: Source
A team of mappers and coders are currently working to bring VIP into CS: Source., as you've guessed, it is called the VIP Mod. Development on the Mod is reaching its final testing phases. Today (26th, Friday), Punk Ass Fraggers and their crew will be play testing a remake.. Read More · Comments
steam updatesHalf-Life: Blue Shift Released
Valve has released Half-Life: Blueshift for free! well, that's if you currently own a Half-Life package: Half-Life: Blue Shift is now playable for anyone that owns the Half-Life Premier Pack, the Half-Life 2 Silver package, or the Half-Life 2 Gold package. HL Blue Shift.. Read More · Comments
Day of DefeatDay of Defeat Update
A mini update for Day of Defeat servers has been released. Day of Defeat Fixed jointeam exploit Restart Steam for the tiny update! Lets hope the next Day of Defeat update we see will be the release of Day of Defeat for.. Read More · Comments
GameCenter CS:S Tournament
GameCenter will be hosting their first Counter-Strike: Source tournament beginning August 27th and ending the following day on the 28th, at which eight teams of five will be competing for $2,000 in prizes. Registration will begin on August 25th at 5pm Pacific time. More.. Read More · Comments
editingValve World Icon Pack
If you're looking for some custom desktop icons, look no further. Vaksa has created some nifty desktop icons. They range from Counter-Strike to all types of Half-Life mods, available in different colors and.. Read More · Comments
half-lifeHLDS Update Released
A small update for HLDS (Half-Life 1 Servers) has been released. Half-Life 1: Engine Fixed crash on startup due to bad hostname settings Fixed crash on startup in threading library As already noted, this update applies to server ops running Half-Life 1 servers. Run.. Read More · Comments
Mani Admin Update
An update to Mani Admin has been released. Download the lastest version (v1.1.0s) from our site or directly from the Mani Website. Mani Admin Changelog ma_say definately now works in war mode Fixed console output not showing in HL2DM mods Fixed more option not working.. Read More · Comments
steam updatesHalf-Life: 1 Update Released
Valve is working double time this week; another update for HL 1 servers has been released. This makes it the fourth update in two days. Changes with this update include: Steam Client Fixed client failing to login to the Steam Authentication servers on machines with.. Read More · Comments
half-life: 2Half-Life 2: Aftermath Trailer
Gamespot has first dibs on mini trailer of Half-Life 2: Aftermath (an expansion addon for Half-Life 2, soon to be released). No need to go hunting for the trailer, we have it right here! It is high quality resolution and roughly around 47MB. While it's a short trailer fo.. Read More · Comments
cstrike: sourceMore Source Updates
Valve has just release yet another Steam update. Counter-Strike: Source Added validation of custom player model and weapon materials. Custom materials must be VertexLitGeneric with only $baseTexture and $bumpmap variables defined Source Engine Fixed "not logged in".. Read More · Comments
steam updatesSteam Update
A small update for Steam has been released. Restart your Steam client to get updated. Steam We're refreshing the survey data again. The results will be tallied over at Fixed favorites list not refreshing on startup Fixed.. Read More · Comments
half-lifeHalf-Life 1 Update Released
An update for Half-Life: 1 and Counter-Strike has been released. This update enables VAC2 by default for all Half-Life 1: dedicated servers and fixes a couple possible exploits. If you run a dedicated Half-Life 1 CS server, you'll need to be running GLIBC 2.3.2 or above to.. Read More · Comments
steam updatesWeekly Update - Upcoming SAS Model
As reported early last month, Valve will be adding a player selection-menu to Counter-Strike: Source. Yeah, just like old times - Something we've all been waiting for. The first model to be added appears to be a port of the SAS model as shown on the weekly update. Here are.. Read More · Comments
cstrike: sourceSource Update Released
New updates for CS: Source and Source Engine have been released. The update consists of some bugs in the network subsystem and fixes for several Counter-Strike: Source game exploits. Restart Steam for the updates. Source Engine Fixed prediction errors on the client when.. Read More · Comments
Huds and Background Menus
In a short while we will open a section for custom Huds and Background menus, if you wish to submit one, you're able to do it on this page. We'll post an update soon. On a side note, Scrappy has been updating the files from the massive queue.. Sorry for the delays!.. Read More · Comments
HLGuard 1.8 Released
Version 1.8 of HLGuard has been released along with many new changes and additions. For those curious: HLGuard is no longer part of the UnitedAdmins projects, but rather The Z Project. Visit the HLGuard download page for more information. Changelog: SkyWalk Guard,.. Read More · Comments
July 8th, 2005
Xfire 1.42 Released
A new version of Xfire has been released. The new version is available for download at Xfire. Added custom "game skins" to the infoview for Call of Duty Multiplayer, Battlefield 2, and Unreal Tournament 2004. Even better, we've opened up the system so that you can make.. Read More · Comments
cstrike: sourceSource Update Released
A new update which includes the new Assault map has been released. Restart Steam for the updates. This release is large, expect some time to get all updated. Counter-Strike: Source New Features/Improvements New Source remake of classic Counter-Strike map cs_assault New.. Read More · Comments
steam updatesWeekly News - Assault Next Week
Valve has posted the weekly update and has plans to release the CS: Source port version of cs_assault next week. Along with this, expect an updated terrorist player model and in the upcoming months a new player selection menu to allow you to select between different player.. Read More · Comments
HLstatsX RC 5 Released
Release Candidate 5 of HLstatX has been released. Some examples of what HLstatsX can do can be found on the HLstatsX and Statsme websites. Might be a good idea to view the requirements before digging in. HLstats Release Candidate 5 HL2 Deathmatch support with.. Read More · Comments
June 25th, 2005
steam updatesWeekly Update - HDR Lighting
Valve's weekly update is bright and glistening this week with HDR (High Dynamic Range) lighting. We're getting much closer to having Lost Coast ready to release. Originally planned as a section of the Highway 17 chapter of Half-Life 2, Lost Coast is a playable technology.. Read More · Comments
steam updatesValve's Weekly Update
As mentioned last week, Valve makes a progress report on Day of Defeat for Source. The initial plan following the launch of Half-Life 2 was to get a near direct port of the existing Day of Defeat up and running and release it to the community. After this release, the plan.. Read More · Comments
steam updatesWeekly Steam News
The weekly Steam update is out. Expect some media and news next week on Day of Defeat for Source. Also, Valve will be releasing a revived Source version of Half-Life 1: Deathmatch. We've been pretty quiet about Day of Defeat: Source in the last few weeks. But new.. Read More · Comments
HLSW Released
A new version of HLSW has been released. If you're having problems with servers not showing up on the browser list, this is due to the last Steam update which occurred earlier this week. HLSW Changelog BugFix: For some reasons HLSW saved his server lists.. Read More · Comments

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