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A Playground for Grown-Ups

Posted by satchmo · 09/10/06 @12:21 am · gaming · 1 comment
If there are any mature gamers out there, you might want to know that I am starting a community for adult gamers.

More specifically, it's a gaming site designed for parents who play video games. I just figured it's about time that a site is created for us grown-ups who still enjoying shooting each other in the virtual world. I believe the adult gaming community is underserved online.

If you are interested, come check us out. We are at

P.S. There is no age requirement to become a member, so adolescents are welcome too.


who has a dedicated server from steam

i downloaded the amx mod and i need to open meta mod where would i do that
» · 2006-09-15 22:56:49 · print  
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