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steam updates

Steam is Totally Screwed Up!

Posted by satchmo · 08/30/06 @11:03 pm · steam updates · 3 comments
The following update from Steam fixed some things, but screwed up a lot more. See for yourself.
  • Counter-Strike: Source
  • Fixed a crash caused by loading a custom map that has an associated .nav file but no "place names" in the navigation mesh
  • Fixed an issue with cl_minmodels swapping CT and T skins
  • Enemies can no longer be "radar spotted" through smoke clouds or while blind
  • The radar obeys HudRadar properties in the HudLayout file now
  • Your "self dot" in the radar now shows your view cone
  • The inset overview zoom level is no longer reset to default each round
  • SourceTV
  • Fixed free-look mode in tv_transmitall mode
  • Fixed missing sounds and effects on servers with high tickrate
  • Fixed relay proxies connecting with wrong name "Unnamed"
  • "tv_chattimelimit 0" disables spectator chatting
  • Fixed rendering bug with area portals
  • Added client command "status", showing basic info about the SourceTV server your connected to
  • Fixed "sv_visiblemaxplayers" effecting SourceTV client slot count


steam always sucks! Damn thing wont even let me login to any of my accounts.
» · 2006-09-02 23:37:32 · print  

can't login??

i hv the same problem as well, cannot even login to the steam server,
i hv tried deleted clientregistry. and then try to relogin but fail too,
recreate new account, fail too!!
Steam really really sucks, perhaps they trying to resolve some bugs
i guess.

But Prog, are u using original Valve game??
» · 2006-09-03 22:54:15 · print  


Steam suck bigtime, banned me for nothing.Now i need a new game.
» · 2006-09-26 23:31:45 · print  
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