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steam updates

Finally an Updated Friends List ?

Posted by Prog · 08/30/06 @5:02 pm · steam updates · 3 comments
The Steam Client has been updated, apparently the games browser has been upgraded and the friends network has been fixed. As usual, restart your Steam Client in order to grab the update.
  • Friends now displays the game you are playing to all your friends
  • Attempting to add a Friend who doesn't have a Steam account will now give you the option to send them an email, inviting them to become one
  • The words 'valve' or 'steam' are no longer available for use in the Friends name
  • Fixed game install dialog over estimating install size for games that shared content
  • Added a "Don't Show me Again" checkbox to the System Requirements dialog for games
  • Fixed FPS drop after running a listen server


good but they should also make possible *to add friends in ur steam cafe list without losing them on reboot
» · 2006-09-05 13:14:50 · print  

[lol@ pow@]
Sorry i'm french
» · 2006-09-05 17:32:56 · print  

its about time.

i never relized that when you have to send someone a request on steam that you have to add there email... so i think...maybe im just being stupid cuz all my other friends that use steam never have to do that
» · 2006-09-12 15:43:49 · print  
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