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Everyone here at CStrike-Planet would like to thank you for a fantastic 2013, and we all wish you read more ..
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More Leaked Videos

Posted by jamer197 · 08/26/06 @4:29 pm · gaming · 1 comment
The Leaked Video spoken of previously in the news is on

There are also several new gameplay movies similar to the trailer. In some strange coincidence, new trailers of both TeamFortess 2 and Portal have also been "leaked". They can be found at the same location as the EP2 videos.

Be Warned: The clips of Episode 2 are somewhat spoiling to the games new features. Check it all out here.

News » More Leaked Videos » 1 comment


ExMod 05-06
The high-res version of the Episode 2 trailer can now be downloaded Here

Happy Viewing
» · 2006-08-30 19:22:37 · print  
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