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Maps » Death Match » dm_hangumhigh
Game / Type
source · dm
Date added
September 15th, 2005
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Zip Size
1.83 MB
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1wk 2day 11hr 18min 35s ago
3  votes : 3/5 average 3/5
dm_hangumhigh screenshots
dm_hangumhigh dm_hangumhigh dm_hangumhigh
· Spawn points: 32

Map Notes
Halo's Capture the flag map is now a CSS deathmatch map!

There are some changes to the size of the map, this is due to the difference in POV and jumping distances in CSS.

And what are those big orange things? Go have a look
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A server admin 
Buy zone or more weapons?

The people on my server like this map but the only thing they say that sucks about this map is that there is no buy zone. Or if there will be no buy zone which i personally prefer, add more weapons with fully loaded clips. I like that the map is very big it is perfect for my 32 player server.
The server fills up when i have this map on. Nice map but needs a little more work.
» · 2005-11-28 04:09:35 · reply to this · print  

ill have a luk

yeh with any map there will be little problems here and there. this is actually version 2 of the map. in version 1 there was buy zones, but it turned it into an awp map rather than a deathmatch. iv tried looking at respawning guns.(went bad tho they didnt stop respawning and it crashed lol) but the guns there should have full clips (except the awp due to the previous version). but i will look into it, i wont just dismiss it.
» · 2005-11-28 07:35:49 · reply to this · print  

nice map Adiemus. my only gripe with this map is the buy zone thing(wish it had them too). my servers are no awps no autos so the awp issue wouldnt be a factor. if you would be so kind as to send me the original map(with buy zones) i would be very gratefull.
weeder (at)
» · 2005-12-09 16:07:55 · reply to this · print  

people Deathmatch, there is no need for buy zones. I mean you spawn with the guns you want.
» · 2006-09-16 11:59:12 · reply to this · print  

spawn point file ?

as this is intended to be used for Death Match perhaps it should have included a text file with the spawn points.
» · 2006-09-21 18:42:42 · reply to this · print  

Booy CC
here a fun factor that we added ... " don't know if you did it or thought about it" but We are using it with low grav on the default setting..

As for the buy zone .. it perfect without one.
» · 2006-11-08 13:27:06 · reply to this · print  


That's cleared my tohugths. Thanks for contributing.
» · 2012-04-23 22:41:39 · reply to this · print  

crorkz matz

Ro845B Thanks again for the article post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.
» · 2014-08-03 16:13:08 · reply to this · print  

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