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Maps » Bomb Defuse » de_dust3
Game / Type
source · de
Date added
January 21st, 2005
Downloads / Views
Zip Size
9.74 MB
Last DLed
4hr 13min 14s ago
153  votes : 4/5 average 4/5
de_dust3 screenshots
· Spawn points: 24

Map Notes
It's an absolutely new map with a classic dust and dust2 design. Creator: Alex Zarubin. Models and textures: standart valve. You don't need HL2 (Just CSS will be enough)
Desert, Rocky, Canyon
183897 views 103951 downloads
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CS Planet @ Level3 (NJ, USA (East Coast)
1000 Mbit/s
CS Planet @ Speakeasy (CA, USA (West Coast)
500 Mbit/s

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Nice map to big for downloads on servers,and no email or websight to contact for bugs.plz all map maker leave a way to contact u if there is a problem.also keep in mind make the map not 28mb download no one will wate for that on a server,maps should no be no bigger the 10mb that pushing it anymore is over kill.So Alex Zarubin plz post a contact thank you
» · 2005-02-28 19:52:38 · reply to this · print  

The song that plays in the mosqe is amazing. What is its name?
» · 2005-03-09 22:14:13 · reply to this · print  

im getting really short with this site now,can someone send me a link to another site were i can download dust3 email IndyBoy47 (at) thanks
» · 2005-03-16 18:13:02 · reply to this · print  

The Universe
try downloading the map again.. should work -- its been tested many times.
» · 2005-03-16 19:56:48 · reply to this · print  

I love this map. Haven't come across any bugs or problems with it.
» · 2005-03-21 20:59:10 · reply to this · print  

hey where must i place the files that i downloaded
» · 2005-03-22 15:25:15 · reply to this · print  

I think it is the main theme of "Black Hawk Down" (the movie).

Love it too !!!
» · 2005-03-23 04:46:54 · reply to this · print  

How come there are 2 versions of de_dust3?
They are both totally different, and some people have the one, others have the other? What gives?
» · 2005-03-27 07:40:06 · reply to this · print  

F@di Khan 
Looking Good!!!
But i have a counter strike 1.6, So
CAN any one tell me that is their any version of this dust3 map for cs 1.6. or any solution for running this map on cs 1.6.
I am very exciting to play this Map. So plz help me. and reply Urgent.
» · 2005-03-30 03:39:38 · reply to this · print  

How many spawns does this map have?
» · 2005-04-04 03:45:50 · reply to this · print  

I believe it has around 30 spawns.
Nice map, a very nice looking remake, just downloading it now to play it.
» · 2005-04-05 07:56:56 · reply to this · print  

I have put this up on a server...but the ppl who enter the server..just see the sky very buggy! Not clean or something like that...just very buggy!
I see it perfekt...but not the ppl who enter.

Whats wrong?
» · 2005-04-21 12:45:51 · reply to this · print  

The Universe
they are missing textures.. it seems this map uses textures from another map and if you don't have that other map installed (dont know the name) then it shows a screwed up skybox.
» · 2005-04-21 13:04:58 · reply to this · print  

» · 2005-04-25 18:59:06 · reply to this · print  

i think its a server download bug of this map.....

i put it on my server, if people download it directly from the server, sky texture are missing....
But if thez download it from the net and install it manually, no more probleme with textures .......

So its not a probleme of another map textures....
» · 2005-04-25 19:03:08 · reply to this · print  
post deleted by moderator

You need to create a rez file for de_dust3 that includes the path name to the textures for the sky and the sound file he included in the map. My server is unreachable at the moment or i'd paste mine here.
» · 2005-05-31 07:46:02 · reply to this · print  

Got to my server again. Here is the contents of my cstrikemapsde_dust3.res

"materialsskybox/sky_dust3bk.vmt" "file"
"materials/skybox/sky_dust3bk.vtf" "file"
"materials/skybox/sky_dust3dn.vmt" "file"
"materials/skybox/sky_dust3dn.vtf" "file"
"materials/skybox/sky_dust3ft.vmt" "file"
"materials/skybox/sky_dust3ft.vtf" "file"
"materials/skybox/sky_dust3lf.vmt" "file"
"materials/skybox/sky_dust3lf.vtf" "file"
"materials/skybox/sky_dust3rt.vmt" "file"
"materials/skybox/sky_dust3rt.vtf" "file"
"materials/skybox/sky_dust3up.vmt" "file"
"materials/skybox/sky_dust3up.vtf" "file"
"materials/signaturealex2.vmt" "file"
"materials/signaturealex2.vtf" "file"
"materials/signaturealex.vmt" "file"
"materials/signaturealex.vtf" "file"
» · 2005-05-31 11:31:09 · reply to this · print  

what email of map creator ? i need to contact for him
» · 2005-06-02 04:21:55 · reply to this · print  

my email : abah1094 (at)
» · 2005-06-02 04:22:47 · reply to this · print  
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