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Maps » Zombie Mod » zm_sv_blood_pyramid_confidence
Game / Type
cstrike · zm
Date added
August 24th, 2010
Downloads / Views
Scr3am Vi3v3r
Zip Size
1.38 MB
Last DLed
10hr 58min 38s ago
16  votes : 4/5 average 4/5
zm_sv_blood_pyramid_confidence screenshots
zm_sv_blood_pyramid_confidence zm_sv_blood_pyramid_confidence zm_sv_blood_pyramid_confidence zm_sv_blood_pyramid_confidence
· Spawn points: 64

Map Notes
Dark jungle ...
Everywhere carries a mysterious silence ...
Can we find a treasure here ...
Or we will find only death ...
But still ...
While we do not go up to the top of the temple, we are in danger ...
But whether we are safe if we enter there?
It is better to us to hurry, because one of our where you cut, and the infection spreads, we should soon find a doctor until it's too late ...

But too late...

Ancient, Pyramids, Tomb
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too dark..

This is a good map actually but i think its better if you make it brighter (since its too dark)
» · 2010-08-28 00:59:05 · reply to this · print  

Scr3am Vi3v3r
This is zombie map, and map must be dark=)
» · 2010-08-28 09:26:37 · reply to this · print  

» · 2010-11-06 17:49:58 · reply to this · print  

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