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Joined Jun 2011

Tactical Carnage Gaming Community!
Tactical Carnage is an international gaming community that focuses on one key vision. Provide the member with a relaxing and enjoyable gaming atmosphere. Doing this isn't easy but having top quality services for members to utilize and having a zero tolerance on drama, disruptive or immature behavior and disrespect toward guests and members... We do a pretty good job at keeping the vision a reality!

Tactical Carnage is a cheat, hack and exploit free community. Those who take part in any of the listed offenses will be removed from the community.

Our community has a few thousand members spanned across around thirty different games. We also have leadership opportunities available! We have a total of five game servers across Steam games and two voice servers for members to utilize.

We're recruiting new members and also coordinating merge opportunities for smaller clans, teams, guilds and communities to merge into our gaming community. This will provide an opportunity for those that lead smaller organizations to run things their way but utilize the resources that we have at our disposal as a gaming community. Contact me for details if you would like to merge into us.

Community Administrator: Chris
Contact Email: chris (at)
Steam Contact:

Community Website: (Also

External Community Website(s): These are listed below for you to follow us on them!

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions definitely visit our website or contact me


Founder, Community Administrator
Tactical Carnage Gaming Community
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