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Joined Apr 2012

edit: Monday April 16th, @02:10PM

I seek contact with a developer who knows the engine very well!
Hello, I am new to these forums, so please excuse me if I'm posting the wrong place!

I am currently building a tool for server admins that will easy the daily maintainance of the server to provide an improved gaming expirience for the players. The tool is a web based server interface, wich will make it easier for the server admin(s) to get a view about what's going on on the server.

Now, who am I? ... well, you don't know me from any server of yours, I'm from another "world" as I don't play any CS games, but instead plays some other games like good old UT and Quake series. WTF? you say, why you here then? ... well, I have made this server controller for UT allready, and it's functioning really good, and some of the server admins are running CS1.6 servers as well and wants to use the interface for that game too. This is where I come up short ..... I have no knowledge of your game engines ... but I understand them and that's why I'm here, to see if there is a coder somewhere who will help me out and build an interface towards your game as well.

Please contact me if you are interested in this project, then we'll talk about if you know your way arround the engine of CS1.6 and the rest of the series if there is a demand for it? .... There are NO money involved in this project, not for me or the users. The web interface is hosted on my website free of charge and it has zero adverts attached or anything. It's stictly a free offer and a helping hand to easy the server management for a better gaming expirience for all.

Again, sorry if this is not allowed in your forums, just delete my post if i violate any of your forum rules.

I hope to hear from someone at your community, it looks great from what I've read so far :-)
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