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Hustle2Live Hustle2Live
Joined Oct 2008

Post Counter-Strike 1.6 FTP Server HELP!
Finally........I ended up here looking for help.

I've been trying to create an counter strike 1.6 FTP server for more than 3 months now and still I have no clue how to. I've my own website " " and everyone told me it's possible to create a counter strike server on my website, I just don't know how. I'm willing to donate a free domain for the person who help me creating a ftp server.

I've previously been admins in 3 servers and I've moded few servers my self using Amxmodx, Statsxmex, CLANMOD and I know almost everything about them but still I don't know how to create an ftp server. Please help me.

Thank You
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Prog Prog

Joined Nov 2005

You cant have a server on a website.

You need a server box or buy a server from someone.
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Hustle2Live Hustle2Live
Joined Oct 2008

Exclamation Oh really?
Aren't servers something which stay in FTP websites? I think most people create it through websites and what do you mean by an server box?

One more thing.

How do I use rcon commands ingame console? When I put " rcon (ie: rcon kick/ban/slay ". It works but when I put " kick/slay/ban " in command console it says something like you don't have the permission o something.

But last night after I created a GUI server through HLDS.exe it worked without putting rcon. Offcourse I create the server so I'm the remote admin.

And why is it starting to lag when I've more than 4 players?

Thanks a lot, This forum really is handy!
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Prog Prog

Joined Nov 2005

in response to Hustle2Live
Basically webhosting is only the space. You need the actual computer to do a server on.

Server boxes or server rental companies such as

and many more sell servers. No one has hosted a server on webspace mainly because it is against the rules of the provider and it wont work.

If your making a dedicated server on your computer and playing on it at the same time, your server will lag. Your connection and/or your internet speed may not be good enough to host it.

Confused on your rcon question, but if I understand right type this:

rcon_password XXX (replace XXX with your rcon password)
rcon slay
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Hustle2Live Hustle2Live
Joined Oct 2008

Do I really have to?
I know! First we have to put " rcon_password <password> " to use commands.
after putting the first line " rcon_password <password> " you are able to use the other commands with " rcon " infront of each command, But last night I used commands without putting " rcon " infront of the command like just " kick <victim> ".
And after that today I cannot do it, So basically I want to use the commands without using " rcon " after the first lines " rcon_password <password> ".
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Prog Prog

Joined Nov 2005

in response to Hustle2Live
I dont consider that a big deal really.

Add mani admin plugin.

You can use a menu that pops up by typing admin in through console.
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deleted by moderator
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