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Joined May 2006

sv_lan 0 but no internet play
I just recently tried to start a server for me and my friends, but when I do, it doesnt broadcast the server to the internet. I have made sure a million times that sv_lan is 0, and it gives me this message..

"- Server is a lan server ( no heartbeat, no authentication, no non-class C addresses )"

How do I make it show up on the internet list??

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Joined May 2006

This is what shows up when I start the server
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Joined Aug 2006

yea same thing happens to me... idk about the lan part... i know that its on sv_lan 0... but to fix ur problem.. try this

- go on
- that site will automatically find ur external ip
- with that ip-- right click on source dedicated server, go in properties, and in the command list type +ip {external ip} without the little { } and a space between it...

it could be +ip.. thats what ghull told me... but idk if its that or -ip... try em both...

if any1 can help with my prob.. help will be greatly appreciated...
--- basically no one can join my server.... ive tried with friends but nothing.... so anyone htat thinks how to fix this prob... post and any past exp... and just post for the hell of it... it sucks to see 100 ppl have seen ur topic/post and no one has writen somethin.....
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Joined Aug 2006

in response to Phantom22
heres the command
+ip your ip here -port 27015 if this doesn't work put sv_lan 0 in your server.cfg if that dont work then your ports aren't forwarded.
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txgRaven txgRaven

Joined Aug 2006

what are you using to run your server? steam or hl2ds? and yes default port is 27015
Raven is back!
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