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Arrow [CS:S] Counter Strike: Source Won't start!!! WTF!!!
I bought and fully installed counter strike: source through steam. It was working great for awhile untill one day It just wouldn't start!! I click CS:S in "my games" tab of steam, and i get the "preparing to launch counter strike:source" windows then it disappears and nothing happens, counter strike doesn't launch. I've tryed reinstalling steam, CS:S, and DirectX. So far nothing has worked. I've also tryed clicking the shortcut in the actual counter strike director the "hl2.exe"

For the record, Half life 2 will not launch either. I'm not sure, maybe none of my games will launch for some reason, i only get the "launching game" windows, then nothing happens!!

Anyone has some suggestion?

Thanks in advance!
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Ghull Ghull

Joined Dec 2005

start windows in safe mode and trie to run the game. If it runs it might be cause of some programs u had installed. If u know when it started this issue use from all programs accesories system tools -> system restore, to restore the windows settings to an older date
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in response to Quarantine
I am having the same problem but only with Source. Half-life works fine. I tried reinstalling it an d i t let me play once and then it starts back with the same problem
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Ghull Ghull

Joined Dec 2005

in response to Quarantine
it might interfere with some applications on you system.
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in response to Quarantine
I Got the same problem.

though wen i launch CS and Half-Life, it can only be runed in SOFTWARE mode

When i tryes to open CSs, nothing happens...
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deleted by moderator
Ragnar_ Ragnar_

Joined Dec 2008

Then it has to be some kinda bug with the steam coz all of u got the same trouble.. it couldn't be just coincidence unless someone posts multiple times with different names
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Joined Apr 2009

i just got the game the other day and started to play then next time i went to open it it was peppering to lunch and came up fine for about 2 seconds and then it just went black and task manger said not responding ever time and it is now happening to all my steam games. if any one has any solutions please let me now as soon as possible i relay want to play agian
to forum permalink 2009-04-07 01:37:43 Reply to this Print

in response to Quarantine
help plzz
i have the same problem but when i luanch it, it says preparing to launch css, then says hl2.exe error??
i have reinstalled steam and css but still same response.

any suggestions?
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in response to Quarantine
I have the same ploblem, vista maybe?, it goes to lanch css but just befor css window pop's up it aborts.. :S
to forum permalink 2009-08-01 07:41:49 Reply to this Print

in response to Quarantine
same here
yer when i click launch it says error report and doesnt launch css has anyone figured out the problem?
to forum permalink 2009-08-06 07:16:31 Reply to this Print

in response to Quarantine
I have the same problem.
to forum permalink 2009-08-07 19:09:50 Reply to this Print

in response to Quarantine
[CS:S] Counter Strike: Source Won't start!!! WTF!!
Video card driver installed?

that was mine prob actually
to forum permalink 2009-08-19 19:47:24 Reply to this Print
Joined Sep 2009

fix CSS launch problem
Had the same problem but found a really simple solution. made an account here just to help people that were in my situation. YOU DONT NEED TO REINSTALL ANYTHING!! people have been reinstalling windows etc lol. hope this work for you to

right click desktop-properties-settings-advance-troubleshoot- and then slide the bar to full.

somehow my hardware acceleration has been turned to none. havent got a clue how. but works fine now
to forum permalink 2009-09-16 17:44:34 Reply to this Print

I have the same problem, but but hardware acceleration is on full so thats not it.
to forum permalink 2009-09-23 05:06:10 Reply to this Print
Joined Oct 2009

in response to Ghull
i have a slightly diffrent problem steam starts but when i go on to my games list is says "scanning for games updates..." and i try to start a match by going on servers and clicking join servver but the same message pops up in a litle box plese help
to forum permalink 2009-10-16 16:10:13 Reply to this Print

in response to Quarantine
So it all began when my computer started t freak out and give me a bunch of problems so then i reformated it and then reinstalled steam and counter strike source but it starts the steam loading pop up thing but then nothing like it dosent go anywhere it just stops. I need help please i miss css and im really bored
to forum permalink 2009-10-22 14:36:42 Reply to this Print

I have this problem too, it blows If anyone has more ideas to fix it please respond. Thanks.
to forum permalink 2010-01-05 22:39:54 Reply to this Print

in response to Quarantine
HELP for CSS launch problems
to forum permalink 2010-03-31 20:14:35 Reply to this Print
tag joker

in response to Quarantine
wtf my css wont start
when i chick on my css it gos to the lunch screen and then a icon pops up and says that it cant locate it in my game folder and i check 4 it and it is there what do i do.

any sugestions
to forum permalink 2010-04-15 09:41:34 Reply to this Print
deleted by moderator
Joined Oct 2010

in response to Quarantine
cs:s wont start
i have a problem with my cs:s not working it was working fine on 10/6/2010 and stoped working the next day all i get is cs:s is loading in the black box and thats all.

dose anyone have any idea on how 2 fix this
to forum permalink 2010-10-08 21:59:48 Reply to this Print
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