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Joined Feb 2007

[CS:S] error ' missing map '
i have created a map saved as a 'mapname.bsp' file and a 'mapname.nav' file, these files have been uploaded to our server in the map folder, map name added to 'maplist.txt' but when i change the map to the one i have created, only people with the map already on their pc can play. i have tested this many times. it just doesnt dowload from our server yet all other maps download fine, any suggestions...

thanx in advance
CSS Server here
ps. the map is on here can demo
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Ghull Ghull

Joined Dec 2005

trie upload it to a ftp server
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Joined Feb 2007

in response to TDevIAnt
its on our 'Fear & loathing public' server, but just wont download to other peeps pc's, .nav and .bsp's are there just not downloading.
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Joined Apr 2007

in response to TDevIAnt
I dunno how does a CS:S works,but in CS1.6 you need to setup some parameter on the server, so that users could be able to download maps and resources.If other maps are downloaded instantly,this isn't our pitfall..

But it might be a different problem..maybee even CS:S maps needs to have a mapname.res file next to a .bsp (or in the CS:S a different MAP extension file), which describes the necessary resources for playing it (such as sounds,WAD files, models,sprites and so...)

For a CS1.6 maps a program called resgen creates the .res files.. It is easy to google it up..

But as I mentioned above...this only works for the CS1.6
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in response to TDevIAnt
we are having a similar problem on our server. some of the customs work, some don't. I made a map that used only source textures and whatnot, to see if it had something to do with adding custom content to the map, but the map only works on the server if you have it already installed in your cstrike/maps folder. the funny thing is, is the server goes through the motions when the map is changed to these maps. you download the whole map, and then once its all done, it says its missing.
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in response to TDevIAnt
I have exact the same problem with all my custom maps. Does anyone know he we can get this to work?
to forum permalink 2007-05-29 08:58:00 Reply to this Print
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