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  Forums - Mapping, textures and models - [CS1.6] What made cs and as maps "fail" competitively? Fixable? Online: 182 · 294 294 requests per minute
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[CS1.6] What made cs and as maps "fail" competitively? Fixable?
I'm hoping to address the competitive scene of players and map designers but anyone who has valid input is welcome.

I've been playing 1.6 competitively for nearly 10 years now and designed maps that catered to competitive play a few years ago. Now with CS:GO coming out, I've rekindled my ambitions of getting a map published for competitive leagues and in this revival, I started to think about why hostage maps and assassination maps never flourished like bomb defuse maps. The most I could come up with was that those game modes revolved around a linear style of gameplay (VIP -> Rescue zone; CT -> hostage -> rescue zone) versus the dynamic options of two bomb sites in de_maps.

I was hoping you guys could help dissect the problems with cs and as maps and see if we could remedy their problems; I'd LOVE to see those game modes match the competitive level of de_maps (assuming they're not fundamentally flawed).
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