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Joined Apr 2012

edit: Friday April 27th, @10:29AM

How to administer my server?
hi guys,

i'm not sure if this is already completely covered, but i would need some answers to my questions. if already covered in the forum, please send me a link

first of all, the server has a 1Gbit connection, so you might wanna join me sometimes

so, i've installed a dedicated linux server following basically this tutorial: »Creating a Counter-Strike Server
as i've just finished installing it, i didn't have the chance to test it yet, but i'll do tonight.

- how do i administer it during the game? will i need extra tools/commands for that?
- how do i make myself an admin on the server (i won't be admin if i just join the server )
- is there a general overview for admins somewhere about commands, tools, etc?
- is there some kind of a banned users/IPs config i can edit on my server?
- and very important: what do i need to do so my server appears on the server list for all users out there? do i need to register it somewhere?

i'd like to keep it as basic as possible. just classic maps, no fancy bollocks, not too much unneeded software, etc.

any other suggestions, please let me know

btw, that's my config file (maybe someone can tell me if everything looks good):

// disable autoaim
sv_aim 0

// disable clients' ability to pause the server
pausable 0

// mp_startmoney <money> - Specify how much money players start off with
mp_startmoney 16000

// default server name. Change to "Bob's Server", etc.
hostname "1Gb UK - aztec <> italy <> dust2 <> train"

// mp_c4timer <seconds> - How long before the c4 explodes
mp_c4timer 45

// mp_freezetime <seconds> - How long players are unable to move during round starts
mp_freezetime 5

// sv_maxrate <1000-25000> - The maximum bandwidth rate the server is allowed to transmit to clients
sv_maxrate 15000

// maximum client movement speed
sv_maxspeed 320

// 20 minute timelimit
mp_timelimit 50

// mp_chattime - amount of time in seconds players can chat after the game is over
mp_chattime 5

mp_roundtime 5

sv_region 3

mp_autoteambalance 1

sv_cheats 0

// load ban files
exec listip.cfg
exec banned.cfg

map de_train
map de_aztec
map de_dust
map cs_italy
map de_dust2
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Ghull Ghull

Joined Dec 2005

edit: Friday April 27th, @02:00PM

AMX Mod X is a versatile Half-Life metamod plugin which is targetted toward server administration.
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Joined Apr 2012

in response to FakeAccount
heyi am willing to help you. add me on steam (C.S.I) яǺǥиร [M]
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