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Joined Apr 2012

edit: Friday April 20th, @04:46PM

[AUTOBUY] CS:S Carry Your Team - AWPER Guide [$5]
Welcome to my ebook sales page!

The ebook I have for sale today will show you tips and tricks regarding AWPing within Counter Strike: Source!

Are you sick of being the guy at the bottom of the scoreboard? Or do you wonder how the guy on the opposing team is always one step ahead of you? Maybe you just want to improve your game. Then you're in the right place..

After reading this ebook and putting the tips and trick into practice, you will ALWAYS be one step ahead of your opponent

Title: CS:S Carry Your Team - AWP Edition
Author: Toddeh
Pages: 24
Description: Improve you AWPing within CS:S
Payment Options: Paypal
Copies Available: 15
Resale Rights: No
Price: 5$

Any questions feel free to PM me!
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