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Joined Jul 2009

[CS1.6] Mirrors in CS?
Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to put a mirror in Counter strike/Condition Zero/source. Thanks
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fr33pr0d fr33pr0d

Joined Mar 2009

In Counter Strike and Condition Zero is not possible.

In the source engine however, it is possible using special textures or by using cameras (one camera in front of a monitor that would act as a mirror).

Don't overdo it though because both methods affect the fps.

Neither one is perfect. Texture mirrors will not reflect the player's model (in 1'st person view, the model is not rendered) and the camera method will make the mirror look inverted.

Camera mirror example:

Texture mirror example:

compiling stuff...
to forum permalink 2010-10-11 05:36:17 Reply to this Print
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