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Joined Jul 2009

[CZ] Shapes in VHE guides?
Hey I need some help with making shapes other than blocks in Valve hammer editor 3.5. Is there any guide on the internet for it, or can someone post one here? Shapes I need help with is a object that goes down, like in dust2 t spawn, theres a object that takes the ts down, which is also in A. Archs will be appreciated too Thanks!
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fr33pr0d fr33pr0d

Joined Mar 2009

You can reshape a brush using Cliping tool(Shift+X) or Vertex tool(Shift+V).
Here are some tutorials that should get you started:
»Working with Brushes
»Vertex Manipulation and Complex Geometry

I don't really like to talk about it but since you're just starting with VHE, you should know about the Carve tool which is pretty much the only useless tool in Hammer. Carve tool has the 'power' to destroy your map's fps (and it will in 95% of the time) because it will cut through other brushes and it won't do a good job at it either. It will look like it's the easy way of reshaping brushes but it's not. It's the lazy way. It will generate a lot of problems and you will lose more time fixing them than you would gain by using the tool. My personal opinion, never use the carve tool, even for simple things like windows and doors. Once you've manually built a few windows, it will take you about the same amount of time as the carve tool.

compiling stuff...
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