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Joined Nov 2009

Thumbs down [CS1.6] crosshair for AWP cs 1.5
this is actually for cs 1.5 .. i understand that without scope the awp shot will be random, but if you add a crosshair for the awp without scoping the shot will be MOSTLY perfect like a scope shot.
now i have seen players shoot without scoping and thats an advantage, kind of unfair it helps you react faster if you have a steady aim, everyone almost these days use crosshair awping.

what i would like to ask you all ( please pros only i dont speak to noobs )
is how do you get a crosshair for an awp in counterstrike 1.5
do i have to download a hack or something? hope not i never used hacks in 8 years of playing counterstrike..
is it for free? and can it be done at a net cafe or you can only do it on your pc

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i need that scope .. i want the scope 1.5 for cs 1.6 pls can you told me how i can get ?
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javasniper javasniper

Joined Aug 2009

have you go to fpsbanana website? there is many scopes you can use in a game. but, about awp corsair, i never know that
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