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duffman767 duffman767
Joined Jun 2009

Any CS Or CZ Clan Need A New Member
Hello, i was wondering if any clans are recruiting, i have the following games (to avoid any confusion wheh it comes to joining clans matches and not having the right game)

Counter Strike
Condition Zero

No source, just regular
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duffman767 duffman767
Joined Jun 2009

i am around averege in skill

i would like to join a clan because i wish to get better in the long run
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Sil3NtKilL AH
Joined Sep 2009

in response to duffman767
Welcome to the new and improved Clan AH Community! After long deliberation a couple months ago, our entire Leadership team made a decision to take our Clan to the next level by developing a system that would allow us to truly grow and develop for years to come; this is that Community. We were able to bring this concept to life by eliminating various practices that were unecessary, as well as introducing fresh methods to build the Best Clan Ever atmosphere which we continously pride ourselves in providing for our Members. These are exciting times for Clan AH and I am honored to have each Member here for the journey ahead. With our goals and Best Clan Ever vision still as top priority and driving force for our Community, expect to see nothing less than excellence as we progress through the following months.

Please take this fresh opportunity as a challenge to better yourself as a Member; get involved, start a Division, help with recruitment, and build lasting relationships with your Clan AH family. We are all here to support each other and have fun, so take advantage and make the best of your experience from the moment you join. I look forward to seeing Divisions introduced into our Community and shining new Members ready and willing to assist in our efforts to become the Best Clan Ever. Please feel free to message me any time, I would love to hear from you! Until that time, AH 4 LyFe.

Follow the link below to Recruited.

Your Referral Link for Si13NtKilL.of.AH

- Or - Contact me VIA AIM at Sil3ntkillofAH or on Steam at Te3z_tmo_blackberry_net
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in response to duffman767
ohhhhh, really?
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