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Jun 10th, 09:46PM
If you're having trouble with people connecting to your server...

1. You either are behind a router which doesn't have the nessecary ports open.

2. You're behind a firewall, which once again doesn't have the nessecary ports open.

3. In the console, you need to type sv_lan 0.

1. Opening ports in your router.

To access your router, go to 'start' 'run', and in the text box type: or You're router's address is either one of those. Simply just try both. You should be prompted with a Login pop-up. The default login username is blank, and the password is 'admin'. Now, all routers are different, therefore the port forwarding page is located in various places depending on the type of model you have. Simply look around on your Router interface for either 'Applications and Gaming', or anything which includes the word 'Ports'. If your having trouble finding where to locate your port forwarding page, go to: Here, you'll be able to locate your port forwarding page, along with ports for various applications. If you don't know your model number, look on the back/sides of your router, or the original box it came in. Once you're on the right page, you should be viewing some kind of table, with lots of blank text-boxs.

For CS 1.6, the ports you need to forward are:
1200-1200 UDP
27000-27015 UDP
27030-27039 TCP

For the names of each of these ports, just simply type in CS1, CS2, and CS3. Make sure each of these are enabled. Now if you don't know already, what IP Address you have, simply go into Command Prompt (type cmd, in the 'run' application). Now type in 'ipconfig'. You should be given a few lines of various numbers. Look for the line including 'IP Address...'. At the very end of the line, you should see 3 numbers, which should be anywhere from 100-109. Take this number and enter it under the 'IP Address', for all 3 of the ports you opened under your router's Port Forwarding page. Now save your settings and launch your server. If people are still unable to access your server, then time for step #2.

2. Forwarding your firewall (if you have one).

Now the easiest way to do this, is to just simply shut-down your firewall, which in most cases, does the job. However, for those who want to make sure their computer is safe at all times, this may not be the best idea. Your firewall's set-up almost the same way as your router. Somewhere on your firewall's interface, there should be some area where you're able to forward ports. Browse for it (if you don't know where it is), and if you can't find it, try contacting the manufacturer/company for information (or visit their website for help). Once again forward the same ports as before and Save Settings.

For default Window's Firewalls, you can access your security settings for your internet connection by going to:

'Start' 'Control Panel' 'Network and Internet Connections' and 'Network Connections'.

Find the internet connection you are currently connected to/using, and right click it. Select 'Properties' and click the 'Advanced' Tab. Then select 'Settings'. Now, you can either shut your default Windows Firewall off here, or you can select the 'Exceptions' tab, and manually go through, and add/accept the ports for Counter-Strike 1.6, as well as a various of other ports used for other programs on your operating system (that use the Internet of course).

1200-1200 UDP
27000-27015 UDP
27030-27039 TCP

PLEASE NOTE that just because you don't have another type of Firewall Program running (ie. McAfee, Norton Anti-Virus), your computer is still behind a firewall. For Windows users (not certain about Mac), your computer has a default firewall system. You may not get updates, or any information about using it, however its working quietly in the background, protecting your internet from unwanted connections. Most of the time, the Default Windows Firewall/Security can be by-passed, however it doesn't always work. Please open these ports anyway, before posting problems.

For other Firewall Programs (including McAfee, Norton Anti-Virus, etc.), the program should offer some kind of port forwarding page, in which the same set-up is used. The security system, needs once again, the same 3 ports open for any CS 1.6 Server.

1200-1200 UDP
27000-27015 UDP
27030-27039 TCP

Call or visit your manufacturer/retailers web-site for help about port forwarding for their security system BEFORE posting questions on the forums. Simply shutting the program off, is also a common solution.

Now start up your server, and if people are still unable to access it, time for step #3.

3. sv_lan 1.

In rare cases, your server might have sv_lan set to 1. This is blocking all outside connections from being made to your server, and only allowing people inside the Local Access Network to connect. Now, to stop this, simply go into console and type sv_lan 0. Now for those who grow tired of doing this time after time. Specially on non-24/7 standalone servers. Their's an easy to make sure that your server, sets sv_lan 0, as its deafult settings. Locate your CS directory, in most cases is:
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\username\Counter-Strike\cstrike\
There should be a file called server.cfg. Open this using Word, or any other simple typing applications. Now near the bottom there should be a line called '\\ Load Ban Files'. Above this simply add 'sv_lan 0'. If you're using a standalone server, try going to the server folder, usually in 'C:\Program Files\Valve\HLServer'. Look for the same file, server.cfg, and type the same thing (sv_lan 0).

This is currently all I know about how to get CS 1.6 servers accessable over the internet. If you need more help, PM/E-mail me, and/or try asking on the forums.