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Apr 21st, 08:43PM
Hi, i have just recently downloaded and isntalled steam or cs 1.6 and am experiencing a problem with the alignment of my gun during gameplay of counter-strike. When i first came on, my gun was on my left hand, and as i am naturally right handed, i changed my gun alignment to right (options -> advanced -> Gun alignment -> right handed). I go back into the game and what do you know? my gun is still on my left hand, so i do it yet again, same problem, gun is still on left. So i do it through the game (H (key) -> Right hand), sammme problem, gun is STILL on left. I did this about 60 times until i figured out it wouldnt change, :S . Any help or input is appreciated!!

P.S: I am new to these forums, so please bare with me

Apr 21st, 09:01PM
try going in ur options and try doing it there, if not then I have no idea...Good luck

Apr 25th, 01:07AM
just do this. ur running in software mode. just change it 2 d3d or openGL

May 2nd, 01:25PM
u need to click apply or nuthing will change on your options setting

May 29th, 12:24PM
I tried as well, i tried 2 do all you guys said. However when i try to change renderer it doesnt work because i dont 'support' the other ways but software. Is there another way I can fix this problem, or a way that makes me be able to support another renderer?

Jun 6th, 12:12PM
CS was my favorite game, until one day i turned it on and my gun was on the left side. I was right handed and i just thought no biggie ill just change it back. BUT IVE TRIED EVERYTHING TO GET IT BACK!!! If you can help me please do so. My AIM sn is gamer0423. you can help me here or there but id rather it in AIM.

Jul 19th, 11:29AM
I had the same gun alignment problem when i installed CS. I couldn't change it through the option or the game help so i changed to d3d. I think i know of a way to support another renderer but i'm not sure it will work. Also a new upgraded video card amd fast processor will let you chage your renderer. If you have any questions my AIM sn is WildMike2007 and my email is

Jul 19th, 01:54PM
Are you blind? mike answerd you ques.
Change the Renderrer to openGL or Direct3D, you are on Software.

D Dark^
Sep 30th, 05:13PM
Firstly just merely tryin to change it to right allignment in options doesnt always work therefore in console when your in game (open console by pressin ` to the left of number 1 on keyboard) cl_righthand 1.. add 0 instead of 1 if you want it on the left!

With skin packs if its just happening to the 1 weapon or 2 then that will be the model in your cstrike/models folder. Now im a bit rusty but i think if you have the model which is causin you probs called lets say knife_r.mdl then youd delete the knife.mdl and then just rename the knife_r.mdl to knife.mdl