View Full Version : [CS1.6] CAN'T MOVE IN THE GAME

Dec 28th, 12:39AM
In Counter Strike 1.6 i can't move buy weapons or anything but I can look around and other players see me and of course kill me!!! lol but i don't have that problem in Counter strike: Condition Zero. it also says something about "amx" and "help"

Apr 28th, 02:06PM
have the same problem tryed to reinstall the game with no succes... tryed to type in cl_forwardspeed 999 and 30 sam with cl_sidespeed and cl_backspeed
:( plese HELP ME AND HIM!!!

Apr 29th, 08:20AM
Does it happen on all maps, every round, or sometimes on custom maps (non-Valve maps)?

Apr 30th, 08:58AM
KNOW HOW TO GET IT TO WORK NOW YAY:D follow these steps
1:uninstall counter strike

2:go to C:\Program\Steam\steamapps\yourusername and delete the
counter-strike folder YES the whole folder!! steam will make a new one later!

3:install cs

4:start the game.

5:have fun.:)


Apr 30th, 09:38AM
Before reinstalling, did you try Options->Keyboard->Use defaults? I'm asking because there are some servers that use a plugin which give the admin the power to unbind all your keys. If that was the case then a simple 'Use defaults' would have solve it (I guess will never know :) ).

May 5th, 02:07PM
no i dont think thats the problem but mayby! and like you said yes you probobly never will find out that! look my problem started with me typing in

cl_cmdrate +17 in the console then i coudent move or anything

so i dont think an admin did it to me/him!

May 5th, 03:15PM
As far as I know, cl_cmdrate should be a number (without +). I'll try it out right now (I hope I won't have to reinstall afterwards :lol: ).

May 6th, 04:08AM
how did it go did you get stuck? If you did more sulutions needs to come out on the internet!!:uhh:

May 6th, 09:41AM
if u have steam trie a cache check

May 6th, 09:52AM
how did it go did you get stuck? If you did more sulutions needs to come out on the internet!!
Nope. I typed cl_cmdrate +17 but when I pressed 'Enter' it automatically change it to 10 (it show me when I tried to change it again) and I could move with no problems.

May 6th, 10:40PM
to move again thede is what to do
1.romove cs 1.6
2. install
3.adjust controls

thats all :)