View Full Version : "Steam is having trouble connecting to the Steam servers."

Dec 15th, 08:16AM
need help pls:Steam is having trouble connecting to the Steam servers!

Dec 15th, 08:51AM
there has been a power stoppage in seattle, so until power comes back, theres nthing we can do

Dec 15th, 10:00AM
Thnx scorpFire i was wondering why cant i connect too, thnx for replying to his post your cool xD

Dec 15th, 11:25AM
yea i have this problem too. :/ they should have cache servers in each country so the problem wont get general and if severs form one country fail they should redirect u to the closer server from somewere alce:(

Dec 15th, 01:34PM
Same here just started this morning any idea when this will stop?

Dec 15th, 01:40PM
Well, at least im not the only one with this problem.....

Dec 15th, 02:01PM
im starting to get reely pi**ed of tht steam aint working :@

Dec 15th, 02:29PM
Yeah, it's pretty lame.

And it's happening on the same day that we're suppose to have a CSS tournament.

Dec 15th, 02:31PM
Yea well at least I know it wasent just my steam or somthing.... I thought I was gonna have to buy another account or somthing.

Dec 15th, 02:34PM
Ok this is becoming a joke tbh. I want to play a bit of css after football an steam isnt fucking working i say we get compensation off valve XD

Dec 15th, 02:38PM
Amen to that...

Dec 15th, 02:59PM
Currently, City Light has approximately 147,000 customers without power, down from a high of 175,000 earlier today when around 50% of our customers were without service. No critical services are without power. A total of 61 feeders in our above-ground system went off line and five of those feeders have been restored. The underground system is functioning normally. Crews are being dispatched and restoring power where it is safe to work.

Our crews are responding to public emergencies first. We are monitoring the situation and consider safety as a top priority. As winds subside and daylight returns our crews are surveying the damage and starting the restoration process. City Light asks that customers not call in to report power outages until after 6 p.m. However, do call in if live wires are down in your neighborhood (206-684-3000).

The hardest hit areas are Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, North City and Richmond Beach. We have large outages around Green Lake and Montlake areas. In the south we have large outages in Rainier Beach, Tukwila, Burien and Delridge. Many other neighborhoods are without power. Downtown Seattle has power as do all critical services such as hospitals and other public safety buildings.

City Light has the ability of switching around trouble spots in our system. As crews identify problems, they will be able to isolate those sections and bring power back to surrounding neighborhoods. This will be a long process. It's not unusual for one or two feeders to go off line during a wind storm. Feeders are the lines that bring electricity from substations to neighborhoods.

To listen to outage information, call (206) 684-7400.

Some customers within these boundaries are without power. If your neighborhood is not listed and you are without power, please call the Seattle City Light power outage hotline at 684-7400. Listen to see if your neighborhood is reported. If not, leave your address and call back number after the tone.

Here is the outage map and the link below shows you where Valve is located.

Dec 15th, 03:20PM
Soooo this will take a while....

Dec 15th, 05:39PM
Is this effecting the west coast. When is it going to be up and running. I need to get my hour of CS in. This is my life. Come on... I know I know my password and my screenname and it is upsetting that they dont think I know my own password. Its been the same since forever. I cant complain though. STEAM always figures it out. Is there a customer service number!!???

Dec 15th, 06:05PM
Then number of people without power keeps going down. They are making some progress it seems.

"has approximately 111,393 customers without power, down from a high of 175,000 "

Dec 15th, 06:48PM
i herd that its cuming bak 2 moz at 9:00 am

Dec 15th, 07:48PM
2 MONTHS????!

lol thank god i checked this site, i was seriously flipping out the past 2 days and it sucks because im punished for the next week, and since i cant go out i really wanted to spend my time playing CS.
if this really is 2 months idn how i would live, i have to get at least 1 hr a day in.

Dec 15th, 07:52PM
Nah I doubt itll be 2 months thats a little long

Cesler G.
Dec 15th, 08:01PM
I was playing CS perfectly fine yesterday, i went to play today & im getting the same issue... It asks for my password like it just changed.... What gets me is if its been out for two days out in the west-coast(im in New York by the way), how did that just affect me out here in the east coast since it was working just fine previously...??!?!?!?!!!? Either way, i have no complaints cause steam is always there for us...

Dec 15th, 08:23PM
where did you hear it might be back by 900?

Dec 15th, 09:35PM
:mad: You dumbasses at steam, get a generater and let me play counter strike now, I WANT MY COUNTER STRIKE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mr know how
Dec 15th, 10:08PM
the government (in germany) believes css is a cause of violent crimes..i am not makin this up.12 months in jail this...anyway

you wanna fix the problem fast !!!!!!!??????

answer : everybody spend their time listening to ALEX JONES prison or better google his free videos and listen w google video player. this will piss some1 off into fixen the problem fast.