View Full Version : when i start my cs 1.6 the gun comes in only left hand cant change it

Dec 11th, 02:45AM
when i start my cs 1.6 the gun comes in only left hand cant change it need some quick help if anyone can.......

Dec 11th, 02:49AM
type cl_righthand "1" in the console, might have to wait for the round to restart for you to see the change.

Dec 11th, 03:06AM
didnt work dude but thanks neways anyother suggestions r welcom

Dec 11th, 03:14AM
i think that u should go to the customize menu . then go to advanced menu . there u will find something called left hand ..... .click on that . then u will be able to use right hand to play7 . if it doent work then reply . i will tell u another way .alright. bye

Dec 11th, 03:20AM
i believe going in the settings/options does the same thing (it changes cl_righthand to 1), but try going in the options then.. see screenshot so you can see where it's located.

Dec 11th, 03:23AM
didnt work

Dec 11th, 03:25AM
i even dont get crosshair option now

Dec 14th, 02:55PM
i would reload steam: make sure you save ur maps, sprites, sounds, models, wad etc thought. but reloading steam should put everything back to normal.

Dec 26th, 12:40AM
heres how ya fix it.

go to options. click on video. change from software to something else. software lets you see farther but only supports left handed view models. i had the same problem once too. if none of these work. go to

thats the steam support page.

Dec 26th, 12:55AM
heres what it should look like.
dunno if it will work or not o.O

Oct 25th, 03:13AM
It didn't work the weapon is still on the left hand..however thanks for the suggestion...hoping for some more suggestions....