View Full Version : Where is the root

Sep 13th, 05:18PM
I have made a steam skin, exported it to steam but i can't see the pic i put in the back ground of the root, also wot exatly is the root

Sorry a n00b at skinning :(

Sep 14th, 02:24PM
...Any1 there, im right in the middle of making the skin i just need 2 know more about the root

Sep 15th, 12:13PM
...any1 there

Sep 15th, 01:28PM
The background image should be located in the folder -skin name-\Resource\background_ILS.tga

The image must be named background_ILS.tga and it has to be .tga format.

Is the picture oversized, or have you shrunk it down to fit the skin perfectly? I have seen skins using oversized background images, only a small part of the image has been shown and it has been upside-down and mirrored.

There is a program for making Steam skins, try it out ILoveSteam (

Sep 16th, 03:52PM