View Full Version : Could not establish connection to Steam servers

May 7th, 09:53AM
I'm having a hard time getting cstrike:source and hl2mp workings.

I've been running dod for a great while now with no problems.

Now with source stuff I get this error:

Server logging disabled.
couldn't exec banned_user.cfg
couldn't exec banned_ip.cfg
Dropped Martin from server
Reason: Kicked by Console
name "Martin" not found
name "Martin" not found
Adding master server
Adding master server
Could not establish connection to Steam servers.

I think the Martin thing is from the bots setup (if anyone knows about that I'd love to hear).

However, I can connect to the server via the server list on my clinet (a different machine). I can see the server in the list when it's running no problem.

But, as you can see I still get this 'Could not establish...' error. And when I connect to it I get the old message 35, could not authenticate...

Please help.