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Apr 1st, 03:03AM
I'm setting up a LAN party of about 8 people and Counterstrike will be the main game we play.

However, I havn't the faintest clue how to set up a LAN server for CStrike Source

I've downloaded all the files to set up a dedicated server, I've read many tutorials, and done a lot, but all of these seem to be for a dedicated online server, not to just set up an 8 player game via a LAN.

Can anyone lend a hand?

Apr 1st, 03:21AM
start the server with sv_lan 1
it'll only allow connections from within the lan.

Apr 1st, 04:12AM
What I meant is, how can I get the server to show up in the list of servers on my LAN. The only way I see the server is if I add it to my favorites using my IP address.

I'm on a network to connect to the internet, so my IP address is different from my ISP's IP address.

I have all the proper ports forwarded, but the server won't appear on the list of servers on any computer on my network.

Apr 1st, 05:18AM
by any chance are you playing from the same computer as the lan server? if so, you need to pick a port other than 27015 for the lan server.

Apr 1st, 06:30AM
I tried with port 27000.

I guess I should've explained a few things better.

I launch the server using the IP assigned by my network, rather than the one assigned by my ISP. It loads up, and if I go to Steam and list the servers, and type in the IP under my favorites list, it comes up.

Right, so I go to another computer on my network, add the server to my favorites using the IP and port number, but it just gets <not responding>

I can't use my actual IP address for it because I get an error when I try to load the server, "Cannot allocate UDP Port" or something along those lines, unless I change something with my TCP/IP settings in my network settings, but if I do that then I can't use my internet anymore.

Apr 1st, 06:52AM
you shouldn't even have to add the IP to the favorites.. when you select the "lan" tab on the browser it should automatically appear without even adding it.

again, set sv_lan 1 if you haven't done so.
i know you said you have forward the ports, which exactly?

UDP 1200
UDP 27000 to 27015
UDP 27016 and 27020
TCP 27030 to 27039
TCP 27030 to 27039

double check they're open..those are the ports that are specific to the query protocol. also try going on the other lan computer launch the game and do a manual connect from the console, ie: connect ip : port

see what error it returns, if any..
its a pain in the ass sometimes, but 99% of the time the issue is caused by firewall -- which sounds like its your case.

Apr 1st, 12:47PM
As best as I know all the ports are open, I've checked, double checked, and triple checked. Unless my firewall isn't actually opening the ports, they're set to be open.

sv_lan 1 is set in the server.cfg file.

By going through the console the only error it returned was "Connection failed after 4 retrys"

Apr 2nd, 12:50AM
I'm running a dedicated server on Linux and noticed the following

- if I leave out the -ip switch when starting the server, it shows up on the LAN tab, but then I can't perform rcon commands in the game.

- if I have the switch -ip x.x.x.x in the path when starting the server...I can then execute the rcon commands, but I only see my server if I add the IP to my favs

Not sure if that helps you get it working.

Apr 4th, 11:44AM
Thanks for all the replies, but I think I found the source of my problem.

My computer seems to have problems communicating with other computers on my network. A friend came by last night with Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and he set up a server on the LAN on his PC, connected via a ethernet cable to my D-Link 624 Wireless Router. I'm connected via a Ethernet cable, but my Dell PC is connected via a Wireless PCI card. The Dell and his computer were able to connect to the server he set up without any problems, my computer couldn't see the server.

I went into My Network Places and saw that there's no computers listed, at any time, in there, but other computers see me listed, and can take files from my shared folder.

So I'm pretty sure my problem isn't even CSS related, it seems to be the way my PC handles my network.

Oct 8th, 10:53PM
how do I open the ports in the first place I have done everything in the tutorials i started the server and added the ip to my favs list it comes up but I cant get on neither can anyone else..???I bet its something with the ports but I have no clue what to do.anyone??