View Full Version : Team autobalance.

Just Me
Mar 1st, 03:53PM
How in hell i can set team balance on, i use cvars: mp_autoteambalance 1, and mp_limitteams 2. Now when people disconnect my server, eg. 3 from terrorist, i have this situation: ct 7 players, t: 3 players. How i can balance it?

Mar 1st, 04:35PM
it will auto balance on the next round. so if they disconnect in the middle of a round when the next round starts it will balance the teams.

Just Me
Mar 1st, 06:04PM
Autobalance not work. When round starts everything is same, CT 7, T 3. Server is: Linux server with mani admin tool.

Mar 1st, 06:23PM
so you see no message that says "Auto team balance on next round" ?
sometimes it take 1 or 2 rounds to even the teams.. also, try setting the mp_limitteams to 1 so they are more even.

double check that autobalance is ON by typing "rcon mp_autoteambalance" (no quotes) in the console after logging in via rcon, it will tell you the current value its set at.

Mar 3rd, 04:34PM
ok.. some people have told me this is a bug, waiting for feedback from Valve.

Just Me
Mar 6th, 10:07AM
I have these settings and when i type server mp_autoteambalance or mp_limitteams i get same result.

mp_autoteambalance = 1
mp_limitteams = 2

And no, Teams are not balanced.

Just Me
Mar 13th, 07:16AM
Weird... When i set cvar mp_friendlyfire on, team autobalance works.

Mar 13th, 05:13PM
the team balance was a bug and should have been fixed on your server once you ran the updatetool.

post your server config if you can, maybe i can see if something is wrong.