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Dec 28th, 01:03PM
does any1 know where i can get a large selection of player mods. ive already been to csnation, but they charge fo they ish, and im low on funds. i found this site that had a lara croft mod, santa clause, and a bunch of other nice mods, but the links didn't work, other than that i cant find anything good. any help would be nice thanx.


Dec 28th, 01:36PM
try i beleive that site has got the latest fusion pack on there

face target
Jan 6th, 01:04PM
CS nations doesn't charge look at the second and third download site its the graphics on the right, all you have to do is register and that's free, you just give a handle and an e-mail address. I found some great player skins there. They have terrorist in santa gear i'm playing with that now.

also try they have ct and terrorist packs with different player skins including armies and police forces from different countries.

Jan 14th, 04:24PM

i got all my skins here.


Jan 14th, 04:37PM
its lame when sites want to charge you to download stuff that is contributed by the community for free..

we are in the process of creating a skin database, with no strings attached.