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10.32 MB
Date added
October 9th, 2009
Last Download
45min 11s ago
GunGame for CS Source: 5 of 5 average (5/5)
GunGame for CS Source

GunGame Mod is only for Counter-Strike: Source. »GunGame for CS 1.6 (524.7 KB) for Counter-Strike 1.6.


1. Download and unzip the GunGame 5 zip file
2. Edit the config file for your language located in the cfg/gungame directory if necessary.
3. Upload all files and directory: addons, cfg, and sound to your server's cstrike directory. overwriting any existing files if necessary. This zip already includes EventScript which is necessary to run GameGun Mod. We packaged the zip for you so no other files are needed.
4. Finally add this line to your server.cfg or autoexec.cfg file: es_load gungame. Save, Close and upload to your server.

* You may also type the command es_load gungame in console by using rcon or HLSW to send commands to the server.

* One GunGame mod is loaded you will see a bunch of stuff in the console. If you need further assistance post on our forums or visit the GunGame website.

download Download GunGame for CS Source



cool man i liked it
» · 2010-08-17 17:52:59 · reply to this · print  

Error In Console

I did everything that was told in above but when i type command es_load gungame in console it says unknown command es_load
I feel great pain about this i tried many times but it gives same error
» · 2011-04-25 11:09:34 · reply to this · print  


Heck yeah bay-bee keep them cimong!
» · 2012-04-21 04:51:24 · reply to this · print  


Hi,Nice to see your work. All the best.I had a query. I have very rich programming and deeelopemvnt experience and have been working with some game engines. But iam very new to online games technology.I wish to develop a multiplayer car racing online game. Can you please tell me which would be the best technologies to use?I heard it can be done with flex as well as java. But i heard that with flex, your games are not full screen. I want to make full screen games. Also if possible i want to add 3D graphics.Please drop in your suggestions.Thanks and Regards
» · 2012-04-23 23:03:53 · reply to this · print  

error to some peoples

hello im the voice of the vouicels
(you suck bitck .l.)
» · 2012-12-31 13:03:24 · reply to this · print  

ive tried this shit over 20 time and its not fkin working
» · 2013-03-02 08:20:10 · reply to this · print  

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evDOX4 I really enjoy the blog post. Will read on...
» · 2013-10-25 03:28:41 · reply to this · print  

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bXD7dw Im thankful for the post.Really looking forward to read more.
» · 2014-01-16 21:45:09 · reply to this · print  

Im lost...

I am completely lost. I cant find server.cfg or autoexec.cfg anywhere. es_load gungame also doesnt work within game; unrecognized command. I simply want to 'create a server' to locally play a gungame.
Im a systems engineer, so i build networks and servers, not the software. I dont program, but i can debug and follow code. If i can get it working, then ill likely host a few games at my Datacenter 24/7, especially since my servers are generally 60-70nderutilized.
Im sure im missing some other mods, or w/e. If there are step by step directions from a base CSS install, that would be awesome.
One question unrelated - what server platform would be best for a CSS Server? Windows, linux, etc?
Thanks in advance.
» · 2014-02-17 21:15:17 · reply to this · print  

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