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346.93 KB
Date added
December 13th, 2004
Last Download
23min 45s ago
Akimbot: 3 of 5 average (3/5)

Akimbot is a multiplayer HalfLife bot, This new version now is compatible with Steam / CS 1.6. For installation help view the readme file included.

This is the last and final version of Akimbot (version 3.1).

download Download Akimbot



i got same problem as guy above it wont let me browse to my cs folder
» · 2006-10-01 21:09:33 · reply to this · print  

Just Bullshit

Non of this is work.. go to a fucking bot school or something ..
» · 2006-10-05 09:19:52 · reply to this · print  

warior man75
Need All Iinformation

Ey guys im not much of a comp guy but i like cs. and now im tryin to get a couple a bots on my ive tried all the steps on these forums but it still wont work.when i try to exec bot.cfg it says could not exec bot.cfg and like i said im not much of a comp guy and i just cut and pasted that so what the heck does exec bot.cfg mean.

All i really wanna know is how to get bots on a server! Thnx lol.

GO [S.E.A.L.S]
» · 2006-10-06 08:00:38 · reply to this · print  

warior man75

oops lol sry didnt know why i posted twice.
» · 2006-10-06 08:07:40 · reply to this · print  

Need Help

Bots don't spawn. They just spectate.
» · 2006-10-10 08:49:56 · reply to this · print  

how do i install the file to the game, i want the whole process
» · 2006-10-17 15:04:40 · reply to this · print  

blah stupid peo 

u guys are dumb all you do is type bot_add, but ur suppsoe to type bot_add_t or bot_add_ct dmart people
» · 2006-10-28 16:12:36 · reply to this · print  

Re: :) CS 1.6 Bot Advise!

Can anyone send me a link where i can get a file so i can add bost. cus i got an updated CS 1.6 and that file isnt there
» · 2006-11-26 13:01:18 · reply to this · print  

Bots selfmade

Can anyone tell me where I find Bots (at least for CSCZ) which are really tough or which I can make very tough easily? Bots I configured
for CSCZ in the BotProfile are okay but not very good at all.
» · 2006-12-09 11:47:55 · reply to this · print  

[WA] Zac 

Hey can this work on DOD, also how do I add it sorry new at server things
» · 2006-12-24 16:30:13 · reply to this · print  

Dr. Whizz 
these bots are shit zbot is indeed better
» · 2007-01-02 05:24:59 · reply to this · print  

i have noclue how to add bots

can some 1 tell me add me i steam:joker
» · 2007-01-15 16:06:27 · reply to this · print  

cs 1.6  
cs !.6

hello do nowan no haw to download cs 1.6 bots
» · 2007-01-19 18:00:20 · reply to this · print  

A g o N y 
u all r talking abt sth but plz tell me wat the hell this AKIMBOT is wat this hassle for.....
» · 2007-01-22 14:45:24 · reply to this · print  


how do I add booooottttttsssssss
» · 2007-01-28 06:46:28 · reply to this · print  


Try to type bot_add_t or bot_add_ct and maybe that will help you to add bots into teams.
» · 2007-02-09 14:06:39 · reply to this · print  

bla bla

Damn idiots!!!!

Get a brain!!
» · 2007-02-14 10:17:00 · reply to this · print  

and what are zbots if ur so smart!!

can someone just give me something for some bots thing or zbots what ever that is
» · 2007-02-26 03:37:37 · reply to this · print  


all you have to do is follow the readme file very closely. i got it working. the installer didnt work for me so i installed it manually. just follow the manual install instructions. and then once your in, type 'addbot' to add a bot. to edit how many bots you can have in the game, open the akimbot.cfg which u wuld have installed to the cstrike\maps folder. its easy. Follow the README!
» · 2007-03-12 19:47:46 · reply to this · print  

I need help with making zbots on css and cs so any advise would be good!!!
» · 2007-03-28 15:10:45 · reply to this · print  

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