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167.59 MB
Date added
August 24th, 2005
Last Download
12hr 26min 59s ago
The Only Way: 5 of 5 average (5/5)
Keith Latham (Added by lathaM)

Length: 9mins 11secs

Songs: House of Pain - Jump around
Offspring - Gotta Get Away
Limp Bizkit - I'm Broke
Dynamite Hack - Damn it Feels Good, to be a Gangsta

This is my first movie I have ever made, got lazy in the end of making. This is mainly from my CAL open days...

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hhehe you are really cool at cs!!!!
» · 2005-11-29 01:43:49 · reply to this · print  

but i think you cheat some bit there
» · 2005-11-29 01:44:24 · reply to this · print  

at the video has you 0 in life then you have 100 again!!
» · 2005-11-29 01:49:03 · reply to this · print  

cool the granade fly away from your head!!!coool
» · 2005-11-29 01:52:26 · reply to this · print  


i think he is a cheater look at the 7 minute then he have zero (0) health and i'v he have killed 2 people he had 100 health and he's armor is going up to
But i'v he doesn't he RULLEZZZ

» · 2005-12-28 12:21:14 · reply to this · print  


Oops Does not see that somone say that already

» · 2005-12-28 12:22:52 · reply to this · print  
post deleted by moderator

hes not a cheater, steam glitches sometimes when you record videos.

i would know because its happened to me plenty of times when i look over my recently recorded videos.
» · 2005-12-29 03:14:45 · reply to this · print  

cheater !

yes he cheat look at the video he is at de_dust2 he has first 0 then 85 again
» · 2006-02-07 03:56:24 · reply to this · print  

you guys are like..dumb.
grey is correct. steam emsses up does the same with health and money. stupid people, go record a demo and watch it again. you will know he is not a cheater.

good movie.
» · 2006-02-08 19:48:29 · reply to this · print  

Steam screwes up alot

he isnt a cheater latham is a god player with good skills, its happen many times and it will happen untill sum1 tries to resolve the problem and this can only done by steam productions themselves. big up for latham!
» · 2006-03-15 06:21:03 · reply to this · print  

īre cheat

no cheat.. you use Fraps to record?? It Fucks the demo up.. thats why.. i have the same problems in my demos too! no cheat just FUCKT
» · 2006-04-07 06:39:25 · reply to this · print  

He Rules

man...latham....u are the man....u play a lot man....u r the best
» · 2006-04-15 02:59:09 · reply to this · print  

He is a cheater
» · 2006-04-30 05:14:26 · reply to this · print  

He is good but who is the best ?!
» · 2006-08-07 21:13:47 · reply to this · print  

Yes he is a cheater

He is a cheater but not of the health thing 0 to 85, it's true when u record a demo it will screw up replay, but when u play with a wallhack and record a demo and then u play it it will not show the wallhack too, it will show only what u should of saw, in the movie he shoots 3 times in the wall and kills someone, that's why i think he was cheating! Learn more CS Idiots. "Sry 4 ma' english"
» · 2006-08-15 15:35:52 · reply to this · print  

Im a moviemaker and i'de love to talk with lathaM, anyone got his email adress ? pls (lathaM is called ViperFX in this movie)
» · 2006-11-03 18:20:07 · reply to this · print  

Cheat my ass

Pharaoh suck my balls, go play on "UK2 beginners only" where you belongs...damn pretty lame to whine about cheating then you seem to have no idea what you talkning about_:/
» · 2007-01-21 12:28:45 · reply to this · print  

cs info 

he cheats really man... you must see the 7th min of the move... his healt go up from 0 to 55 or so....
» · 2007-02-21 10:20:39 · reply to this · print  

DeiMuX cs fan
yeah no cheats a great playa' and i would like to learn some more about that thing that records him playing and why no cheats? you should try your self pick up or buy an AWP and shoot trough a small wall and in the second wall behind it youll see that whole two and i know a map whereyou have unlimited health i have uploaded that map to this page but you cant add t's you can only be a ct and you can race with a friend in that map ah... who am i ciding youl see i have writen all about that map you should find it it's called kz_jett_mountain maybe i have written two much
» · 2007-02-21 15:15:46 · reply to this · print  
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