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Files » Applications & Tools » scripts » CZBindMaker.
5.18 MB
Date added
December 17th, 2004
Last Download
1day 4hr 43min 37s ago
CZ Bind Maker: 5 of 5 average (5/5)

CZ Bind Maker is a custom buy script and configuration editor for Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero. It provides point and click, buy scripting and configuration editing capabilities

The purpose of the program is to provide a means to graphically create custom buy scripts, and edit system configuration settings for Counter-Strike 1.6, with out knowing anything about scripting. At the same time allowing those who do, the ability to quickly churn out custom scripts with greater ease.

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Hasta la vista 

» · 2005-10-29 17:41:48 · reply to this · print  

That then not that!

All these loadings do not go more shortlyAbnormal site have made all here become rotten
» · 2006-03-26 04:36:30 · reply to this · print  

cz bind maker kinda sucks...d script is a lot better for new people that are not familier to the scripting..
» · 2006-05-07 02:47:26 · reply to this · print  


it sucks
» · 2007-04-21 11:52:24 · reply to this · print  

I want to change the sound of a map

I am playing cs_Italy and i hate the sound of the music in the terrorist base
i want to change it but it doesn't work !!!
how can i change the sound ???
please help

alan_delorensi (at)
» · 2007-09-07 13:54:55 · reply to this · print  

Re: 312x32131

quero joga cs 1.2
» · 2008-02-21 08:34:44 · reply to this · print  


Kosovo:::Is good bravoo
» · 2008-03-29 17:27:08 · reply to this · print  


Yo all i am from Serbia
» · 2008-05-09 15:37:29 · reply to this · print  

RE:I want to change the sound of a map


spawn as terrorist on cs_italy

go in the building where the hostages are,

go upstairs,

and shoot the jukebox.

There! no sound.
» · 2009-06-14 23:48:17 · reply to this · print  

bind maker

Windows 7 ?????
» · 2010-10-27 08:18:47 · reply to this · print  


said by: soon

cz bind maker kinda sucks...d script is a lot better for new people that are not familier to the scripting..
noob servas
» · 2013-03-03 13:28:08 · reply to this · print  

Re: 312x32131

At last, somoene who knows where to find the beef
» · 2013-06-23 01:01:08 · reply to this · print  

Re: I want to change the sound of a map

RE: Well, half the light has come on. You've figured out that the neeedd correction will be nasty, forcing people to live well below their means for some time causing all sorts of adjustments in employment, lifestyle, government programs, and other measures of our standard of living. What you haven't grasped yet is that the printing/default option you favor leads to the same sort of pain- it just comes in through a different door.Math is math. There is no magical escape from the concept and consequences of differential exponential growth where debt service or monetary expansion is involved. Once that snowball starts to roll there's no stopping it. But you should be happy- there's going to be a lot more hiking and much less working and buying. Rate this comment: 0 0
» · 2013-06-23 08:22:55 · reply to this · print  

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