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So you need files huh? Well look what we have for you, the new and improved file vault!
Once you start browsing, you'll be able to sort by game, type, and many other options to help you easily browse the file section. Please remember to submit your content, we like files!

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mapping 204 comments Mapping Tools [17] | Updated 2yr ago
Everything for mapping!
tools 31 comments Applications & Tools [26] | Updated 4yr ago
Third party programs for counter-strike
hlds 4 comments Server Tools [18] | Updated 4yr ago
Plugins, scripts, and apps for managing a server.
patches 510 comments Game Files [16] | Updated 5yr ago
All patches and upgrades for cs and HLDS
misc 40 comments Miscellaneous [3] | Updated 5yr ago
Various files (icons, fonts, etc) for development
media 1 comments Media, Demos & Trailers [15] | Updated 5yr ago
Music, Trailer Teasers, and demos
Recently updated..
maps [2997] | Updated 2yr ago
Latest: de_minestorm
wads [321] | Updated 14 hours ago
wads and textures for HL GoldSrc
prefabs [56] | Updated 2yr ago
Prefabricated mapping files
Scripting / Binds [32] | Updated 14 hours ago
scripts and binding
Other files: steam | huds | menus

Beta file vault v3.0

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