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Q: How do I create the "autoexec.cfg" file for CS:Source? (#42)
A: Open up this folder:
path:\\Steam\SteamApps\<steam_username>\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg

Right-click anywhere in the folder, and go to "New" -> "Text Document". I recommend using Notepad or another plain text editor for editing these config files.

Open up the new text document and go to "File" -> "Save As".
Type in autoexec.cfg for the filename.

Once it's saved, it creates a new document called autoexec.cfg. This is where you will enter in your console commands. All the commands in this file will be executed everytime CS:Source starts.
by satchmo

2006-01-11 18:28:57
(Revised 2006-01-11 18:35:59)

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