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All FAQs » Troubleshooting » Connecting to Servers
Q: Connection failed after 4 tries (#36)

Description of the Problem

When attempting to connect to a public CS:S server, the message "Connecting to server..." displays for about five seconds, and the error message "Connection failed after 4 tries." pops up.


This is a bug in the CS:S in-game server list filter. This problem apparently started after the 12/23/2005 Steam update for 64-bit processors.

Open up Steam and select "View" from the menu. Pick "Servers" to load the server list (not from the CS:S in-game menu). Click on the "Change filters" button in the lower left. Set the Game to "Counter-Strike: Source".

The reason it fails after 4 retries is because the in-game server list does not filter out CS 1.6 servers, even though you're running CS:S.

Some people got rid of the problem by re-installing CS:S from scratch, but we don't have to resort to brute force to solve this issue.
by satchmo

2006-01-05 20:25:35
(Revised 2006-01-06 15:20:16)

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