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All FAQs » Troubleshooting » Specific Error Messages
Q: Your map [?????.bsp] differs from the servers (#28)
A: This error occurs when your map does not match the map the server is running (different version, etc). You should never have official (stock) maps in your maps folder. The only maps you should have are custom maps, so check that you do not have official maps in your maps directory.

Sometimes this error can also occur when there is a Steam update released and either you or the server is out of date. Check that your Steam client has been updated if a recent update was released.

If you want to stop from getting this error so you're able to connect to the server, simple delete the map that is giving you the error from your maps folder, then connect to the server. This will allow you to download the same version of the map the server is running.
by Sebastian

2005-09-27 08:09:09

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